Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission


    Department of Health Education and Promotion
    101 Arlozorov Street 
    Tel Aviv 62098 

    NGO Health Service Organization

    Clalit Health Services, established in Israel in 1912, is the second largest non-governmental health service organization in the world. Clalit has over 4 million members (over 54% of Israel's population), including 80% of people with diabetes in Israel. Clalit operates over 1350 community clinics and 14 major teaching hospitals, employing 35,000 medical, health and administrative workers. Clalit has achieved the highest results of all Israeli organizations regarding national quality health indicators and has a rich research record, including leading the Israel National Health Literacy Survey.

    Diabetes Prevention

    Clalit is a leader in comprehensive diabetes prevention programs, early detection and treatment, achieving results regarding glycemic control, emulated nationally and internationally. Clalit leads the country in its award winning web-based services, and has a long-standing professional and organizational infrastructure for diabetes intervention, that determines and implements policy, training, treatment plans and health education and promotion focusing on patient empowerment, healthy lifestyles and cultural appropriateness.

    • Name: Ziv Har-Gil MPH
      Position: Research assistant
      Project role: Coordinator for Clalit Health Services
    • Name: Dr. Diane Levin-Zamir PhD
      Position: National Director of the Department of Health Education and Promotion of Clalit
      Project role: Principal Investigator