Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission

Technische Universität Dresden

    Medical Faculty
    Fetscherstrasse 74
    01307 Dresden

    TU Dresden: Synergetic University

    The Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden University of Technology) is the largest university in Saxony and one of the 10 largest universities in Germany with about 36.500 students and almost 5319 employees. The history of the university goes back to 1828. and it is one of the country’s oldest universities. TU Dresden is a multi-discipline university, also offering humanities and social sciences as well as medicine.

    Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus

    The Medical Faculty at the Technical University Dresden is the largest hospital structure in Saxony, Germany. It is known for being highly specialised in innovative medicine and for being the only university in Germany which holds three excellence clusters. This includes excellence research in neural generative diseases, regenerative medicine and diabetes. In the excellence cluster diabetes the University Hospital covers research including basic research to study beta cell degeneration but also clinical research to study diabetes pathophysiology as well as applied clinical and care research to investigate innovative care processes and treatment algorithms. A special research focus is the development and evaluation of diabetes educational programs and interventions for diabetes prevention including an annual global reporting  about the quality of diabetes care (www.globaldiabetessurvey.com).

    The TUD will be in charge of WP3 (overview of existing self-management education programs in Europe) and WP 9 (development of recommendations and dissemination, including the annotated compendium).

    • Name: Mrs. Sarama Saha
      Project role: Researcher
    • Name: Henna Riemenschneider MA MPH
      Position: Scientist
      Project role: Researcher
    • Name: Gabriele Mueller MPH
      Position: Scientist
      Project role: Research Fellow WP3 WP9
    • Name: Prof. Peter Schwarz PhD MD
      Position: Professor for Prevention and Care of Diabetes
      Project role: Principal Investigator; WP3 WP9 Lead