Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission

University of Southampton

    Highfield Campus
    SO17 1BG Southampton
    United Kingdom

    University of Southampton

    The University of Southampton a non-profit secondary and higher education establishment, ranked among the top 10 UK institutions for research excellence; in the most recent (2008) UK Research Assessment Exercise Psychology at Southampton was ranked 8th in the UK.


    The Psychology research group in Diabetes Literacy has extensive expertise in using mixed methods to develop and trial interventions to self-manage illness and is leading the LifeGuide/UBhave program of research (www.lifeguideonline.org), developing software for inexpensive development and easy modification of interactive web-based health interventions delivered by PC or phone. The LifeGuide program has been funded for projects to develop and trial a variety of LifeGuide web-based interventions (with over 20,000 users), including interventions to help people to stop smoking, lose weight, and manage health-related problems (e.g. stroke, hypertension, respiratory symptoms, bowel disorders).

    In addition to the core staff of the University of Southampton working on the Diabetes Literacy project, the following experts are part of the staff of the project: Prof. Don Nutbeam, Professor of Public Health; Prof. Paul Little, Professor of Primary Care Research; Dr. Elisabeth Murray, Director e-Health Unit, Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health University College London and Prof. Christopher Byrne, Professor Endocrinology & Metabolism.

    • Name: Mrs. Victoria Hayter
      Project role: Research Co-ordinator
    • Name: Prof. Paul Little
      Project role: Senior staff
    • Name: Prof. Don Nutbeam
      Project role: Senior staff
    • Name: Ali Rowsell
      Position: Research Fellow
      Project role: Researcher and co-ordinator of qualitative study WP8
    • Name: Dr. Ingrid Muller PhD
      Position: Research Fellow and Health Psychologist
      Project role: Researcher and co-ordinator of web-based trial WP8
    • Name: Prof. Lucy Yardley PhD
      Position: Professor of Health Psychology
      Project role: Principal Investigator; WP8 Lead