Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission

Structure of the project

    The FP7 Diabetes Literacy project is organised in nine work packages (WPs). Two work packages deal with the overall management of the project (WP1) and the evaluation (WP2).  The focus of WP3 is on the analysis of national diabetes strategies across the 27 EU Member States. WP4 evaluates the costs of diabetes education at a national level. WP5 compares the (cost-) effectiveness of individual, group, and IT based diabetes self-management education.  WP6 will consider the conditions for program effectiveness in the organization of care, and assess the impact of health literacy. The focus of WP7 is on the implementation fidelity of self-management programs. WP8 will pilot literacy-appropriate self-management materials. Finally WP9 will focus on the recommendations for best practice models for diabetes self-management education and dissemination to stakeholders.

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