Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission

Work Package 6: Health Literacy


    To analyze the conditions for the effectiveness of diabetes self management education

    To assess the impact of low health literacy on diabetes self-management education                                   


    A best practice evaluation among diabetes management programs will be carried out to analyze the organizational components influencing effectiveness. A systematic review of the literature will be undertaken to identify the conditions that impact self management programs. Among conditions to be studies are access to care for people with diabetes, the availability of professionals with multidisciplinary competences, the availability of an efficient information system for patient follow-up, and the evaluation of the services with a view to strengthen competences as key characteristic. Building on the results a logic framework will be developed as basis for an on-line survey. An in-depth analysis of selected programs will complement the survey. To assess the impact of health literacy a survey will be carried out among diabetes patients participating in a selection of diabetes programs.

    Main Partner

    WP6 is carried out by the Department of International Health of Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Key staff involved are WP Lead Prof. Helmut Brand Ph.D and Kristine Sørensen MSc.