Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission

Work Package 9: Dissemination


    To disseminate the project results and outputs among the scientific community, the policy makers and stakeholders in order to increase its effectiveness and maximise its impact.                                   


    To maximise the impact of the project results, a dissemination strategy will be implemented from the start of the project, addressing the scientific community, policy makers and other interested stakeholders The dissemination strategy will be based on a stakeholder analysis and include a project website, publication plan for delivering at least two scientific paper for each core work package. The consortium will produce an annotated compendium of diabetes self-management education programs in the 27 EU MS. This compendium will give an overview of self management educational programmes in the EU and will link to successful programmes internationally. To translate the findings of the project into recommendations for policies, a series of 2 policy dialogues will be organised and the results will be disseminated in policy briefing papers. A final Diabetes Literacy conference will be held to present the outcomes of the project and to promote a discussion with stakeholders. 

    Main Partner

    The Medical Faculty at the Technical University Dresden in Germany is the main partner for WP9. WP Lead is Prof. Peter Schwarz MD supported by researcher Gabriele Mueller MSc.